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Non-intensive semester courses in Polish

The Jagiellonian University School of Polish Language and Culture offers non-intensive courses in Polish for foreign students ("My Polish") consisting of 60 or 30 academic hours. Our programs start in October (I semester) and February (II semester). We offer an option to add after commencement of the course and to complete the program at an earlier date. We are planning to create separate groups for 14-17 years old students.

"My Polish"


I Semester

Start and placement test: 3 October 2011

Final test: 3 February 2012

II Semester

Start and placement test: 27 February 2012

Final test: 15 June 2012

Classes: 90 minutes/twice a week

Course description: Students can choose 60 or 30 academic hours of Polish. Those choosing the 30-hour option may continue and enrol for the second 30 hours (1 academic hour = 45 minutes). The scope of the course is focused on general command of Polish, development of all linguistic competences (speaking, reading, listening and writing), and advancement of grammatical and vocabulary competence.

We offer:

Location: City of Krakow (7a Garbarska Street)

Course price: PLN 1270 (60-hour course), PLN 840 (30-hour course)



email: plschool@uj.edu.pl

tel. 012-421 36 92

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